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    Bottes de ski bien ajustées

    - Having a pair of quality, well-fitting ski boots is critical to transferring leg and foot movements to the skis. Finding the right fitting boot is a long process though, and achieving that custom fit through repeated trips to a boot fitter can become time intensive and expensive. This winter I started to research and try on a variety of ski boots, but no brand fit perfectly out of the box. The fit was often good in a few areas then uncomfortable either in the toe box or around the ankle. Through my research I came across Salomon's Custom Shell technology which intrigued me since it gave one the ability to not only thermoform the liner but also the plastic shell of the boot. Salomon boot fitters have a special oven for this, but after reading about the technology and process from Salomon's Technical Manual it seemed feasible to replicate the process at home. This would allow me to buy ski boots at a discount online and custom fit them at home.
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